Planning Projects Currently Under Review

As warranted, the City of Apalachicola will post plans for proposed development projects, upcoming workshops and proposed amendments to the City's Land Development Regulations.


Joint Workshop Planned for June 6

The Apalachicola City Commission and Planning and Zoning Board will hold a joint workshop on Tuesday, June 6 at 5 pm to discuss proposed revisions to the City's land development regulations relating to residences and bed and breakfasts in commercial zones C-1 and C-4 in the City. You may download the draft document for review here.


Proposed Land Development Changes Stalled but Still Moving Forward
Pressing planning issues have stalled but not derailed proposed Land Development Regulation (LDR) changes to administrative and regulatory sections of the City's zoning laws which received a first reading by the Apalachicola City Commission during its December 6 regular meeting. Proposed ordinance 2016-04 proposes changes to several ordinances containing definitions, administrative procedure and regulatory standards relating to fences, travel trailers, solar equipment, historic squares, stormwater and quasi-judicial process. The proposed changes, which are available for review here, are the culmination of more than two years of ongoing planning workshops and public meetings with the City's Planning and Zoning Board and Joint Workshops with the City Commission. The changes will be adopted following a second reading scheduled for early this year. Public comment is welcome. For more information, contact Cindy Clark at

Building Department

The building department, in coordination with the planning department, is responsible for administering building permit applications, coordinating with persons wishing to build, renovate or development property within the City of Apalachicola.

Building Official

The City of Apalachicola is now administering permitting through the City's building department. For more information, please contact Cortni Bankston at 850-653-1522 or via email at

Land Use Code and Associated Ordinances/Documents

You may review and download the City Land Use Code and associated ordinances, Comprehensive Plan, City Zoning Map, Flood Hazard map and Historic Guidelines online by clicking below. Click here to download a Building Permit application. Click here to download a tree removal application.


91-7 LDC Amendments
I. General Provisions
II. Language and Definitions
III. Enforcement and Administration
IV. Zoning Districts and Regulations
V. Sign Regulations
VI. Historic and Cultural Preservation Regulations
VII. Site Plan Review Regulations
VIII. Stormwater Management Plan
IX. Cluster Development Provisions
X. Transient Lodging Provisions

Tree Ordinance #2011-01
Tree Removal Application
Floodplain Management Ordinance 2013-02
911 Ordinance 2015-03
Obstruction Ordinance - 2007-01


Apalachicola Zoning Map
Zoning Map (GIS based pdf)
Future Land Use Map
FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map Zones
National Wetland Inventory Boundaries
City Parcel Map



The City of Apalachicola recently launched a comprehensive Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping portal to better analyze and administer operations related to planning issues.

Disclaimer. The Apalachicola GIS mapping tool has been compiled from the most accurate source data from the City Planning Office and and the Franklin County Property Appraiser's Office. However, this product is for reference purposes only and is not to be construed as a legal document or survey instrument. Any reliance on the information contained herein is at the user's own risk. The City of Apalachicola assumes no responsibility for any use of the information contained herein or any loss resulting therefrom.

Yes, I accept the above statement. Launch the Mapping Tool.

City Stormwater Projects/Initiatives

Future Land Use
Current Future Land Use Map
Public Facilities
Coastal Management
Capital Improvements
Intergovernmental Coordination
Historic Preservation
Economic Development

Historic Guidelines
Florida Building Code ADA requirements
FEMA technical bulletin - non-residential floodproofing
FEMA technical bulletin - historic flood guidelines

Floodplain Management Brochure
Stormwater Management Brochure

 City Charter