Code Enforcement

The code enforcement officer is responsible for the enforcement of all City of Apalachicola codes and ordinances including land development/zoning regulations.  Joe Richey is the Code Enforcement Officer for the City of Apalachicola.  

For more information or to report possible violations call Joe Richey at 850-323-1688 or our office at 850-653-1522.


1. Does Code Enforcement enforce codes in the County? No. We only enforce codes in the City.

2. Does Code Enforcement enforce building codes? No. The City has contrated with EPCI to coordinate its building inspection services.

3. Does Code Enforcement regulate contractors and contractor concerns? No. Contractors wishing to do business in the City must obtain a business license. All construction-related issues are coordinated through the City and its subcontractor EPCI.

4. Do I need a business license to operate a business in the City? Yes. The City does require businesses to obtain a license to do business in the city. The City’s zoning code identifies districts with a list of suitable businesses. You need to contact the City Planning office for questions concerning zoning, or see the zoning guidelines by clicking here.

5. Can I operate a business out of my home? The City of Apalachicola does allow for home occupations, but there are some restrictions. You can see the home occupation regulations by clicking the Zoning Code.

6. Can I place a sign advertising my business on the right-of-way? No. Signs are not allowed on the right-of-way. You can see the sign regulation by clicking the Zoning Regulations Section V. Signs Regulations.

7. What kinds of signs can I have at my business? Which signs are prohibited? You can see the sign regulations by clicking the Zoning Regulations Section V. Signs Regulations.

8. Do I need a permit to remove a tree in my yard? Does Code Enforcement issue these permits? Yes. Permits are required to remove trees in the City. Tree permits are issued through the Code Enforcement office. 

9. I want to put up a fence or a shed. Do I need a permit? Yes. You can see the fences section of the zoning code by clicking here.

10. What about septic tank complaints? Does code enforcement handle these? No. Septic tanks are regulated by the Franklin County Health Department.