Santiation Information


Charges for garbage service is required to be paid by each residential and commercial owner/occupant in accordance with the current garbage, trash and refuse collection ordinance. 


Residential service is provided on Wednesday, with Commercial service provided on Tuesday and Friday. Yard rash is picked up on Thursday within the city limits. If a Holiday falls during the week, service will fall to the next business day. 


Listed below are the rules and regulations regarding garden and yard trash collection:

1. Garden and yard trash piles MUST NOT BE MIXED with other materials.

2. Garden and yard trash piles must not exceed 4 feet by 4 feet by 12 feet.

3. Shrubs/trunks or tree limbs must not exceed 6" in diameter.

4. ALL leaves are required to be bagged. Waste Pro will not pick up non bagges leaves. 

5. Waste Pro provides and maintains a 96 gallon cart for residential and small commerical customers. For commercial service that requires more than one can or a dumpster, please contact City Hall to make this request. 

6. Lawn care companies are REQUIRED to dispose of deris generated. Waste Pro will no longer pick up debris generated by lawn care companies.


Please be advised that the City of Apalachicola will no longer pick up debris piles that are mixed. The City of Apalachicola encourages all residents to utilize Amnesty Days at the Franklin County Landfill. Residents may dump all debris for free on amnesty days. You may contact the Franklin County Landfill at 850-670-8167 for further information.


Please help keep our City clean and free of debris by following the above rules and regulations. It takes everyone's help and cooperation to keep our community looking the best it can. 


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